The Wendigo

‘I don’t exactly remember what happened, but somehow, my brother’s knife ends up in this things shoulder, and Jeb ends up on my back. I’m running, and by god I’m running faster than I’d ever run before or after. And its following me. I end up back in the woods, opposite the ones we been in. I’m headin’ towards my landlords house, cause it’s half a mile away.’

‘I can hear this thing, screeching and moaning. I hear these tree branches crack and get thrown around. It sounds like someone’s taking an ax to every single tree I pass, its cracking so loud and often, but I just ain’t looking back.’

‘Finally, I trip into chopped wood. I look up and there’s my landlord and bunch of his buddies, drinking brandy around a fire. I scream and I cry, and they come over. I’m telling them to call help, and they look at me, and I’ll never forget what they said.’

‘What is that on your back?’ they asked me. Just as he said it, he saw. One of those god awful wool shirts my brother wore everywhere. It was what was left of my brother. Most of his head, his torso, but nothing after the waist.’

‘Suddenly we hear it. Screeching. He grabs me, Jeb gets thrown on the ground. I’m fighting him, crying, cause I think we can still save him, somehow, but my brother had been gone before I ever picked him up. They has to pick me up and throw me inside before I come with him.’

‘Others and all, we’re all inside, and their bolting doors, and getting new muskets ready. The landlord’s asking me ‘what happened?’ ‘what happened?’ but I just don’t know what to tell him. He pieced enough of it all together to understand that there was something dangerous there. The fire was still lit just outside and through the dovetail notches of the cabin wall you could look, and someone ran to call the Sûreté.’

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