The Wendigo

‘Took me a while, to convince him, but finally we began tracking whatever did that. Wasn’t hard, we just followed the blood. The thing bleed a deer before it got away or it dragged one for a mile. I don’t know. I know that I’d never seen Jeb that scared before that night.’

‘We started hearing noises. Like trees snapping and things running cold fast. I’ve been in a lot of woods, in my life, I’ve been all over this world, and ain’t never heard noises like I heard that night. I heard things, I heard animals screaming.’

‘Heard deer, and heard fox, and rabbits and raccoons and birds, just scared. This is maybe twelve, or one o’ clock at night, except the fox and some birds, nothing was supposed to even be awake. But they weren’t just awake they were moving. I saw flocks of birds that night fly straight into trees just trying to get out of there. We came up on a pack of coyotes, nearly shot a couple thinking it was what we were looking for us, but then we saw they were running towards us. They ran right passed us, didn’t even notice.’

‘Then some deer did the same. Some rabbits, and squirrels, foxes, even a couple wild hogs. These things were supposed to be eating each other and the only thing they cared about was getting away from there.’

‘What we were tracking, it wasn’t something we were supposed to see, it wasn’t something old, and something we couldn’t kill. I don’t know why we didn’t just go home. I think that was his nature, to go toward trouble, to fight.’

‘We finally get into an open valley. It was normally a corn field, but it wasn’t in season, so it was just flat dirt. We saw the tracks, then. A lot of the animals fleeing the forest had paved over the land. But where that deer blood was, nothing had taken a single step. Like they were leaving it for us to find.’

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