The Water Bearer

At first he thought it was nothing more than damp, molding leaves, but it hadn’t rained in more than a week.

Following his nose, he walked cautiously around the house to where the path through the woods began. Just on the verge of the trees, the earth was soaked, the grass matted. Here and there along the bottoms of their trunks, the trees were draped with water weeds and long, dark strands of foul-smelling green algae.

Jim felt his heart begin to accelerate, labor in his chest.

He set his tools on the grass, went back to his cabin to lie down for a spell.


The morning of the wedding arrived, and Jim skipped his usual early breakfast to take one last spin through the grounds. He had planted a profusion of mums around the entrance to the house to give some additional color to the surroundings, and he wanted to check to be sure they were perfect.

He bent down to one plant to snap off a broken stem, when a scream resounded from the house.

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