The Water Bearer

None of this was directed at him, he knew, good or bad; it was because of Dr. Wilson, or rather because of his absence.

Confused by the nonsense of this realization, assaulted by the foreboding feelings, and repelled by the sight and smell of what the pond had become, Jim staggered back down the slope, walked home in numb silence.


Just as everyone expected, Dr. Wilson announced his engagement to Mrs. Clairine Woods, the wife of the deceased town pharmacist. Many local tongues wagged at the marked change in the doctor’s demeanor--and not a few more at the shrewd medical monopoly he was rumored to be creating.

An early fall wedding was scheduled, with a reception to follow on the lawn of Dr. Wilson’s estate. Preparations were made for the wedding and the arrival of a new wife.

Summer bled into fall, and Jim spent more time raking leaves and pruning dead branches than mowing or planting. He kept busy enough that he seldom thought much more of his strange experiences with the pond.

Raking leaves one bright, cool early October morning, he smelled something that penetrated his skull and drew forth a memory. It was the smell of wet, mildewy decay, and it made his stomach twitch.

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