The Water Bearer

As Dr. Wilson seemed to come into himself, his visits to the pond grew infrequent, until they tapered off entirely.

Once he was sure that Dr. Wilson was completely occupied with the new woman in his life, that he wasn’t making trips to the pond any longer, Jim made plans to revisit it himself.

The day Jim chose was during the waning of that summer, when the morning starts out teasingly cool before the sun reasserts its dominance, and the air itself seems to melt.

He ate a hurried breakfast, packed himself a light lunch, wandered into the yard. Taking his time, he pushed into the dense undergrowth of the woods, picking the narrow path that had been worn by Dr. Wilson on his previous trips.

Jim felt like a kid again, about to do something that was equal parts fun and forbidden. Impatience bubbled up within him, and he increased his pace.

It was not difficult to find this time. He paused at the base of the hillock, took a deep breath, climbed to its top.

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