The Water Bearer

I pulled myself from Sarah without waking her, dressed, found my pack of cigarettes and a book of matches. I crept outside on bare feet to smoke.

The night was brilliantly lit by a three-quarter moon low on the horizon. Its muscular light swept away the stars.

Cupping my hands against the evening breeze, I struck a match, lit my cigarette, took a few deep puffs. Exhaling, I saw another star, this one close to the ground and glowing red-orange. A lean shadow sat on the steps of Jim’s back door, rolled the star between its fingers.

“Evening,” he said in his gravelly, amiable voice as he saw me. “Fine night for a smoke.”

“Sure is.”

“Just thought I’d come out here and stare at that old pond. It’s been preying on my mind you know.”

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