The Water Bearer

Looking down, he saw Wilson sleeping on the banks of the pond. He was completely nude, Jim noticed, and his clothes were scattered around him as if he had been in haste to remove them.

Jim would have turned away then, headed for home before the doctor himself awakened, but for one thing.

The water began to move.

Blinking rapidly to clear his eyes, Jim gaped as the silver coin of the pool elongated, seemed to stretch toward Dr. Wilson. As he watched, the water slid beneath the doctor’s sleeping form, lifted him from the earth, brought him back into the pond.

Slowly, sensuously, Wilson was enfolded by the water; first his limbs, then his chest, then his face, smiling as the waters received him.

Jim leapt to his feet in alarm, prepared to descend the hill and leap into the water to rescue the doctor. But just as he pushed away from the willow, Wilson broke the surface of the water, rose into the gold afternoon sun wreathed in a million silver spangles.

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