The Water Bearer

And the longer this went on, the more curious Jim grew.

The truth was that Jim was beginning to find life there dull. His duties were easy and quickly accomplished, leaving him with much of each day to himself. He’d begun reading books from Dr. Wilson’s library, but increasingly he felt the need to stretch his legs...and satisfy his curiosity.

So one morning after breakfast, he asked Grace if she wouldn’t mind putting up a lunch for him, as he was determined to take a hike that morning.

Jim knocked around in the yard until he saw Dr. Wilson leave for his afternoon excursion. Quickly putting away his tools, Jim dashed to the house, grabbed his lunch, and set out after the doctor.

He stayed well behind the doctor as they made their way through the dark, cool woods, but he didn’t hide. Dr. Wilson never once turned, though, never slowed, just pushed forward at a leisurely pace, whistling as he went.

Following him over the rolling, densely wooded land, Jim quickly found himself out of breath, sweating. Pacing himself, he let the doctor pull ahead of him a little way, as his joints began to protest.

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