The Water Bearer

The owner of the property, he was told by Mr. Krieger, was a young doctor, recently widowed. Wealthy by the measure of that day, the doctor had simply quit his practice, bought this land and come out here to rebuild his shattered life.

Krieger gave Jim a tour of the house, not overly large or opulent but seemingly a palace to Jim, introduced him to Grace, the housekeeper and cook.

“What about the owner?” Jim asked. “Will I meet him?”

Krieger gave Jim a sympathetic look. “Dr. Wilson is...a very private man. I’m sure you’ll see him sometime, but as to when, I wouldn’t guess.”


It was an entire month before Jim saw Dr. Evander Wilson. Jim had made friends with Grace and had settled into a routine of having his meals with her, working alone, retiring early to his separate living space.

Jim didn’t take long to get the lawn and garden in order, either. He spent a day or two organizing everything in the work shed, then another few days planning what plants he'd need and where he’d put them.

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