The Visit

Thirteen foot six inches long, nine foot wide, nine foot nine inches high; one hundred twenty one and a half square feet; three hundred ninety cinder blocks. Bobby knew the numbers by heart, the result of a combination of boredom and obsessive compulsive disorder. He could count the ugly beige blocks with his eyes closed; pace the stark gray floor in his sleep.

As well as any blind man, Bobby knew the unforgiving cell that was his home. From the cold steel door with the slot through which his meals passed, to the mocking barred window that offered drab filtered light but no view, Bobby knew his world. And like the cramped steel desk which held his bible; or the stainless one piece toilet and sink that dripped all night, Bobby felt nothing more than a fixture within it himself.

The thin plastic mattress cracked and groaned with each movement. Bobby lay in his steel bunk, eyes closed, remembering. He remembered the last time he held Janie: three years, two months, one week and one day. He remembered the last time he talked with her: two years, six months; received a letter from her: well over a year. And he remembered the day Janie’s kid sister wrote. He could recall each line, every word. She told him Janie had moved to Las Vegas with Bobby’s friend Tommy Spencer. Now the only mail Bobby received was from his mother.

Bobby hadn’t seen his mother since the day he was sentenced. The prison was too far for the elderly woman to travel. And he didn’t want her to remember him wearing an orange jumpsuit, talking through a thick glass window.

Many of the old timers said visits make doing time harder, especially on family. It was his crime, Bobby would do the time. Then he could return home, home to…

The hollow sound of the heavy cell door being unlocked pulled Bobby from his thoughts. An unfamiliar voice called out. “Carson, get dressed! You have a visit.”

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