The Traditional Sacrifice

When the hull contacted her brain I could feel her rage transmitting through the ship’s mucus into my mind. But this connection was a two way street. I was a pychic infection, and she could feel me. I came here to tell her about a baby boy living in the city she was about to destroy. But I didn’t come just to talk, I came to make her feel what I felt. I let her feel the love I had from my son, and she in turn let me feel the love she had for her children. Our love became one, and we decided to let my people live another day. We called her children back to the sea and saved my world from destruction.

My society would live another day, perhaps another decade or longer until the antibodies in the beast’s brain ate their way through my ships hull. Then the Kraken would forget my love for my son and return for the next sacrifice. But by then maybe my son would be a man with his own children. And perhaps on that day the beast will discover the love in his heart.

About the Author:  A. I. Bloom has worked as a web designer, a fine artist, a home renovator, and a stage hand in theatre. He’s from Minnesota and loves cooking, playing with his cats, and watching movies on Netflix. He started writing fantasy and science fiction short stories for fun during college and was encouraged by friends and family to publish his work. MATILDA THE STONE FAIRY was Bloom’s first published piece of fantasy fiction. Look for more of his work in 2015.


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