The Third Avenue Caper

Sean O’Mera owns an old time neighborhood Irish bar on Third Avenue: Jimmy’s Place. He loves it. He’s been running it for more than twenty years. The real estate people are always bugging him to sell. But Sean has resisted all the money they continually offer. He still honors his deceased father Jimmy’s commandment: “Never sell the building or the Bar... This is Jimmy’s Place!”

This old building outlasted the Third Avenue Elevated line. In some nooks and crannies you’ll find dust that’s way over seventy years old.


Just take the bar:  As you walk in, the middle of the ivory white marble door saddles are worn smooth. They brace the heavily trafficked black and white checkered classic tile floor. Especially along the dark old mahogany bar as they run through out the rest of the historic establishment.

The bar and most of its main fixtures are all original from day one. The porcelain at the bottom of the ornate restroom urinals is worn down and colored green in certain highly utilized spots.

To some change means losing comfort, but that wasn’t going to happen at Jimmy’s Place. The name remains as it ever was. Everyone is welcome and everyone is comfortable at Jimmy’s Place.

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