The Thief of Souls

The next thing I remember is waking up in my car, parked along the gravel shoulder of some park.  After a time, I sat up.  My head ached, and there was a metallic taste in my mouth.  I checked my watch.  It was one o’clock.   What day, I didn’t have a clue.  It took some moments for the cobwebs to clear - and for me to realize that I was not alone.

Paul Lane and the blonde girl were in the back seat.

Seeing them, I gave a start.  Finally, each of them began stirring, awakening, no doubt, from the same drug that had been administered to me.  Once they came to, all we could do was stare at each other for a time.

“What the hell is going on?”  Lane finally mumbled.  “Who are you?”  Then he turned to the blonde.  “And who are you?”

“You drugged me,”  the blonde accused Lane.

“I – I think we need to report this to the police,”  I suggested.

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