The Thief of Souls

“Kidnapped?”  he kept saying.  “We don’t get any kidnappings around here.”

In light of the serious allegations, the matter was referred to the state police and, after an hour wait, we were separately interviewed by two state police investigators.  At first they seemed interested, concerned, but the more they heard the fantastical nature of our respective stories, the more skeptical they became.  I got a downright smirk from one of the investigators when I told them about the goofy metal device that had been attached to the blonde girl’s head and used to knock me out.

When it was over, I asked,  “So now what?”

One of the investigators promised to check out the mansion, see who was there, what corroborating evidence they could turn up.  He wasn’t enthusiastic.

“What about Lane?  He going to be arrested.”

“For what?” the other investigator said.  “We’re treating him as a victim himself for the time being, until we check out that mansion you told us about.”

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