The Temple In The Jungle Took Them

Dr. Adam Wilson and Dr. Emily Morgan, both archeologists, sat at a sidewalk café in Belem, the entrance to the Amazon River from the Atlantic.  “We have to travel 200 miles or so up the Amazon and then about 100 miles up a tributary to get here,” Adam said pointing to a spot on a map.

“Adam, I’m as anxious as you are to find the lost city, but we’re putting all our hopes on this map. How can we be certain that the map is legitimate?”

“Look, Arian has been my guide for years, and I trust him. He knows who to trust.”

“Alright. Are we ready to go?”

“Yes. We have the boat, two months’ worth of supplies, gasoline, four bearers, rifles and pistols, machetes, and rain gear. We’re all set.”

The next morning, the boat was loaded and the bearers, Arian, Adam, and Emily boarded. Arian started the engine, pulled away from the dock, and headed up river. The bearers huddled together at the front of the boat and mumbled to each other. Unable to understand their language, Adam went to Arian. “Arian, the bearers seem to be bothered. Do you know what they’re talking about?”

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