The Tell Tale Cadillac

As the cabbie stopped in front of the only house on the street, something didn’t feel right to her. A faded, almost falling over “For Sale” sign and foot-tall grass indicated it had probably been vacant since Hurricane Floyd basically wiped out that side of Greenville. She remembered that the caller’s voice had seemed vaguely familiar, but had been too soft to identify. Maybe she’d misunderstood the address, or, more likely, a robber was waiting behind that big untrimmed bush on the corner. She wished she’d listened to her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s advice about picking up fares in remote places.

Shivering, she reached to put the gear shift back into “D.”

Just as her hand touched the lever, her work cell phone rang, making her flinch. A chill ran through her before she looked at the number. She smiled and threw her hands up at her vivid imagination. It was the guy who’d called earlier, probably wondering why it was taking so long for her to arrive. Now she was glad she hadn’t paid attention to her husband’s words.

As she put the phone to her ear, the same voice very clearly this time said, “Bye-bye, sweetheart!” Before she could say a word, a high-velocity bullet pierced her cell phone and slammed into her skull.

Jackie Braun fell over dead, with the horror of knowing who had brought her to that place at that time frozen into what was left of her face.

A thousand yards away, beside the low brick wall he’d rested his rifle on for the shot, Joe Braun’s steeled jaw relaxed in the darkness, a slight smile at the corner of his mouth. His very meticulous plan to lure his wife to that isolated spot had paid off. There would be no splitting of their estate after all. With a pair of binoculars he confirmed that the scene revealed no outward sign that anything untoward had occurred. It seemed to be just a cab idling, as planned.

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