The Survivor Kind

Their house was only a few blocks over. It was one of those old farmsteads that get swallowed up by suburbs. It had a nice buffer of cleared land all around, with three layers of barbed wire fence and concertina wire. It was an extremely defendable position, as evidenced by the pile of decapitated zombies in one corner of the property. A half-dozen more were caught up in the wire, in places that made it more difficult to pull them out. They were in various stages of decay, but thankfully the smell wasn’t too bad.

The house itself was a clapboard ranch style with peeling white paint and faded green shutters. The windows had of course been boarded over, leaving small holes to use for sniping. Solar panels had been installed inexpertly on the roof and Laurie happily informed me it had its own well. I figured you could probably hold out there almost indefinitely, provided you had enough food.

We came in through a small mudroom and past a heavily reinforced door. The kitchen we stepped into was homey and surprisingly bright. It was rustic in a way that reminded me of my grandparent’s old house back in Ohio.

There were steel-reinforced storm shutters on the inside of the windows, but they were currently thrown open, letting in the bright sunlight. The walls were covered with 70s-era wood paneling, now splintering in places. A counted cross-stitch sampler of the Serenity Prayer hung over the table, next to a cheap but functional cuckoo clock.

I counted the exits, memorized escape routes, and poked my head through an open doorway to survey their dark but comfy-looking living room. They had an extensive collection of DVDs. I’d have to look that over later and see if there were any I hadn’t seen yet.

Robert and Laurie stood in the doorway, watching me. Laurie had a soft, contented smile on her face. Robert’s eyes were squinted and angry. He’d bear watching.

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