The Survivor Kind

“There’s always room for ice cream. You’d like some ice cream, wouldn’t you Tim?”

“Tom,” I said absent-mindedly. The tiny radio receiver strapped to my thigh under my pants had just buzzed once, then twice. Which meant that Anton and Mary-Beth were in position. “Yeah, I could go for some ice-cream.”

“Great,” beamed Robert. “Listen, it’s in the deep freezer downstairs. Could you go and grab it?”

“Deep freezer?” I asked.

“Sure, we’ve got all kinds of stuff in there. We have a whole side of beef. You feel free to poke around. I’ll help Laurie with the dishes.” Robert started clearing the table. He pointed an empty soup bowl at a closed door, which presumably led downstairs. Laurie moved between the door and me.

“I don’t know that it’s such a good idea, Robert.”

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