The Sun and The Moon

From their conception they have constantly been a great distance from each other, but they had always been able to communicate. Like most love stories they started out slow and shy. Stolen glances here and small smiles there. But as time progressed their interaction became bolder, conversations began go on and on, they were not constrained by time, they were simply left to get to know each other. As their conversations grew and their bond became unbreakable the Sun became desperate.

He wanted to no longer be separated from the Moon that he had grown to love. He thought to himself  “It is only fair that I am with the one that has my heart” The Moon also wanted to be with the Sun but she knew the role that they had been chosen to play and she knew the repercussions they would face for going against the Universe. She begged him not to try to come to her. The Sun did not listen. He began to trek to his Moon but on his way he destroyed, his heat was too much for the debris he passed leaving destruction in his wake. The Moon called out to the Sun “You have to stop, you are destroying” The Sun did not care anymore he was now closer to the Moon than he had ever been before.

The Sun was so consumed by happiness and the need to be beside the Moon that he did not notice what his heat was doing to her. By the time the Sun reached the Moon she had been destroyed, left with craters all over her once smooth surface. The Sun called out to her in a plea for forgiveness. But there was no answer. He wept, realizing what he had done. A voice spoke out, it was the Universe speaking “Moon tried to warn you of what this would cost but you did not listen.” The Universe wept for the loss of the Moon and as a punishment for the Suns actions and the love that had sprung between the two planets he sent their souls to a planet that had been created by the suns journey called Earth where the two would be forced to continue on the cycle that they had created. They would always find each other but they would never be able to have a love free of destruction.


Part 1


It was Maria’s thirty- seventh day at Auswitzch and she had lost 17 pounds. Her beautiful face and dark features were sunken in. She shared a bunk with Annie; her younger sister, the only family member she had left. Their father was separated from them when they were forced out of their ghetto by the gestapo and their mother died just last week from starvation. She would give her food rations to Maria and Annie to keep them as strong as she could.

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