The Pits

The pits. A disgusting place filled with the dregs of society. Detective White had made it his own personal mission to get rid of each and every one of them. Then maybe one day the pits could be bulldozed and built up again into blocks of flats like his own, or maybe a shopping centre. If that happened, people wouldn’t turn their noses up when he told them what town he was from. He would be proud to be from such a clean and well to do place.

That’s why he did what he did. Maybe some people wouldn’t understand. They would think it was immoral. But he knew he was going the right thing for everyone.

Curtis Routledge had deserved to die, and that’s why he had killed him. Leah Routledge had deserved to be locked away, and that’s why he had framed her. He had done it to all those people whose photos he had locked away in his special box, and he would keep doing it until his town was a safe and happy place to live.

Detective White stubbed his cigarette out on the ashtray on the coffee table and smiled to himself at the thought of the future of the town, without the pits.




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