The Pits

“Yeah, well you know how it is, they were struggling with money. And they both slept around a bit,” A male friend who went by the name of ‘D’, had said. “They had a few fights, both of ‘em would have bruises every now and then, but that’s just what they were like. They still loved each other though.”

A female friend had confessed that she believed Leah had been afraid of her husband. “One day, a couple weeks ago, she had said to me: “He’s gonna kill me soon. If I don’t do something, he’s gonna kill me.” Curtis was a bad man.”

Background checks on both of them had come back extremely fruitful. Curtis Routledge had several charges of possession, driving under the influence, and petty theft. His ex-wife also had a restraining order against him. He had previously served time in prison. Leah had a GBH, a number of charges for being drunk and disorderly, and had also served a short time in prison.

It was the typical story, especially in a town where the drug trade was rife. A couple who had had a rough time of it had turned to drug dealing, and because of their struggles had grown resentful of each other. They began abusing one another, but one day the man took it too far, and so the woman felt she had no choice but to kill him. Detective White had seen it too many times to count.

The detective pulled up outside his block of flats and turned the ignition off. He stuffed the photo back into his pocket and got out the car. He looked up at the block, smiling. He couldn’t help but feel slightly smug when thinking about how successful he was. The block was one of the tallest in town, and also one of the most expensive. It was the opposite side of town to the Routledge’s flat. People weren’t afraid to walk down the road at night here. If they did see someone else, they would say “hello, isn’t it a nice evening?”, rather than getting mugged, raped, or stabbed.

Detective White entered the building, and got into the mirror-walled lift, which took him up to his twelfth floor flat.

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