The Old Neighborhood

Wop logic:  Lefrak City/Academic Student: I must be a Jee-Bo.

Not knowing who he was or what Club 21 was and me thinking I was a tough guy just moved to Queens from Brooklyn I said...”My feet are Italian, because they smell.”

He challenged to meet him after school to fight by the Pizza Nosh (he pronounced it Nush) on 57th Avenue. I agreed and when I showed up he was there..... with half of Club 21.

In Brooklyn only Boneheads (Blacks) would do something like that. They traveled in packs.

The Spaghetti Benders chased me over the 99 Street Bridge into Rego Park. I got lost (in my new neighborhood) and couldn’t find my way home. I had to call my mother to come get me.

That was my introduction to Club 21.

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