The Old Neighborhood

We continued to talk about what happen to so and so, who married so and so, who overdosed on heroin as well as who became famous from the neighborhood.

The Lefrak City famous included Jeff Conaway, from Taxi, Gene Simmons from KISS, assorted New York Mets and New York Jets athletes, a radio disc jockey, a famous network television newscaster and his mother.

We spoke of others that were then and are now still lesser known. Tony also proudly rattled off a list of Corona Italian Wise Guys profiled on various Cable Network Mafia Crime shows.

Tony went on about how Club 21 members easily got “Leaf-Rack Jew Broads” to give head on demand in the stairwells and the roofs atop the tall buildings of Lefrak City. A guilt ridden Tony then embarrassingly told me my younger sister gave him head in 1967.

It may be true, but I’m sure her Jewish Doctor husband of thirty five years, their two kids  and her fellow members of The Sisters Auxiliary of Temple Beth-El of Glen Cove, Long Island are not aware of that part of her life.

I doubt it was him, but it might have been some other “Hitter.”

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