The Old Neighborhood

That look meant dummy up regarding the fag shit about Johnny. (Excuse me as I  unintentionally deviated into my past verbiage.)

Tony quickly moved on to mentioned he was really proud of the fact that his cousin and former Club 21 member Guido Banduchi became a made man in John Gotti’s inner circle. (Italians all have thousands of cousins.)

Guido was eventually found violently tortured and whacked in the trunk of a stolen Ford in South Ozone Park. Tony was somehow proud of the way Guido met his demise. “He took it for John,” Tony whispered with true reverence.

It is now 2016 and the gang is defunct. Its legend boasts: No member ever was a rat or entered the witness protection program. Stand Up Guys, that they were.

Somewhere in Tony’s ramblings I deduct that Club 21 is still respectfully remembered by the older pinky ringed guidos in the last smoke filled storefront Italian social club on Corona Avenue.

Yet another sign that this part of the neighborhood has changed: fewer and fewer Italians and increasingly more and more Hispanics.

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