The NOC in NYC

Mini Wong Fong or MWF was the best in the business. A sadist extraordinaire, he is all about hurting and killing people for profit. Mini’s services are expensive. That’s why he travels throughout the country and around the world, first class, with all expenses paid. This also goes for his traveling companion and life partner Fernando.

The pair strikes an unusual contrast. Fernando dresses in the deepest black. He has no idea what his lover does when they travel. The subservient Fernando remains locked in a hotel closet, hanging in chains with a ball gag. He awaits MFW’s return.

When the assignment is complete, they retreat to their desert castle. It is a place of pain and sodomy in Arizona. MWF always takes a different route and/or mode of transportation for their return. The anticipation building in Fernando not knowing when or how they will arrive at the castle for their games to begin. His torturous anticipation is so gratifying to MWF.

They make quite the couple.

MFW’s services are sought by the best individuals. They all posses impeccable references. The select clientele who demand his utmost discretion and professionalism. Those are who fill his exclusive client list.

MFW’s demands go unspoken. His clients are attuned to the fact that the surroundings required for him to deliver his service are decorated to his finicky taste. He is so punctilious to their requested details in the enactment of his duties.

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