The Morrison Twist

Who in Oyster Ponds would believe they are living in close proximity to a famously successful real life novelist? A writer who cranks out New York Times best sellers like they were sausage in a butcher shop. Surprisingly, all in Oyster Ponds are unknowingly living with a famous mystery author in their very own community.

Mrs. Morrison’s nom de plume is Spike Donovan. Yes, Spike Donovan, the prolific world famous mystery novelist.

It is no coincidence that her friends and neighbors know nothing of Spike Donovan’s connection to Oyster Ponds; And her publisher, Federico Fernando, has never even met Spike Donovan. Then again, he knows nothing of Mrs. Morrison. All this by Mrs. Morrison’s clever design.

Strange, but true.

The publisher had no idea from day one he was dealing with a seventy something year old lady from the most Northeastern tip of Long Island. This, all thanks to her sly manipulation of the Internet.

Short version: Spike Donovan has been around, frequently posting her writing for a few years on the Internet. Federico discovered this unrecognized and untapped talent. He was overwhelmingly mystified by the stories and the personal aura spun by Spike Donovan.

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