The Monster of Jenkins County

McCutchen walked down the backyard of the old O’Brien house (it had long since been sold with the O’Briens moving away from the area).  He gingerly walked down the hill to the area where “Fort Apache” had once stood.  All that remained of the old fort was a few decaying boards that the boys had nailed to a group of trees that formed the perimeter of the structure.  McCutchen walked on, travelling down a now overgrown path, heading west toward the swamps and bogs.  In time he found it.  The large swamp that Tommy and he had explored 30 years earlier.  He stood there and sighed.  Could it have really been so long ago?

The movement in the swamp didn’t catch McCutchen’s attention until the creature once again emerged from the mud.  Jerry looked over at it, no longer fearful as he once had been as a young boy.

“I know you have come for retribution,” he said in a soft voice.  “I didn’t realize what I was doing back then.  But I’m sure that doesn’t matter to you.”

The creature moved toward McCutchen as he continued to speak.  The creature’s sharp teeth were exposed as it growled once again at the intruder.

“I’m the one you want.  Not Tommy.  He was innocent.  So take me.”  McCutchen reached out as if offering himself to the creature.

The creature growled one last time as it bit into McCutchen’s neck and tore at his arms.  Blood once again spurted out onto the tall weeds ringing the swamp.

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