The Monster of Jenkins County

Jerry’s head became light as he continued to run toward the O’Brien house.  Was he following the correct paths?  Was he lost?  He really didn’t know.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, Jerry saw the familiar path that led back to the fort.  He keep running, past the fort, up the hill and out of the O’Brien backyard.  He didn’t stop until he was back at his own home, leaning against his garage.  What had just happened?




Mary O’Brien called the McCutchen’s around 5 PM looking for her son.  Jerry explained that he had not seen Tommy all day and that he had in fact been playing with some other friends at Tower Field Park for most of the day.  Jerry could not help her with where Tommy might be.

Ultimately, the O’Brien’s called the police to report their son as missing.  The police looked for the boy for days before finally classifying Tommy as a missing youth.  Did he run away?  Was he abducted?  Years went by without any news on Tommy O’Brien.

Jerry McCutchen grew up and went on to high school and then college.  During this time, his mood became somber for reasons his parents never understood.  And he never returned to those woods.  That is, until age 41 when for some unapparent reason, Jerry McCutchen walked back into the Jenkins County Woods.  It was mid-July, the 30th anniversary of his previous visit to the woods.  He felt compelled to return.

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