The Monster of Jenkins County

“They’re abandoned.  Nothing is around.”

“Jerry, just leave them alone.  Please.”  Tommy had a feeling that Jerry was tempting fate by playing with the eggs.

“Stop worrying so much.  Everything is….”  Jerry froze as he looked behind Tommy at the creature coming out of the swamp.  Covered with mud, the creature looked like an alligator walking on its hind legs.  But much larger in size.  It was almost human in the way it walked toward them.  And now, the creature was bearing sharp teeth as it growled in objection to the boys.

“Tommy, watch out!”  McCutchen cried out his warning but it was too late.  The creature had O’Brien in its grip and was starting to tear at the young boy.  Blood spurted from Tommy’s neck and arms as the creature torn at him.  His cry for help was short as the limp boy fell to the ground right in front of Jerry.


Jerry McCutchen didn’t wait around to find out if Tommy was still alive.  He dropped the egg and bolted back toward the entrance to the swamp.  The trees scrapped at his body and tore his clothes as he fled.  McCutchen didn’t care.  All he wanted to do was to place distance between him and the creature.  Lots of distance.

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