The Monster of Jenkins County

“Yep, you’re brave and strong alright,” said Jerry with a strong laugh.  “Just like a wet noodle.”

Tommy regained his composure and moved on as Jerry continued to laugh.  “You coming, clown ??”

“Yes sir, Captain Braveheart.  Lead the way.”

The woods became darker and even more isolated as the boys continued heading west.  Finally, there was a break in the treed area as a large bog came into view.  Tall weeds were all around the swamp and decaying logs were present near the one end of the wetland.  Animal sounds present when they entered the bog stopped as the boys moved into the area.

“Cool.  Look at the swamp.  It’s just like that movie ‘The African Queen’,” stated Jerry as he looked around.  “This could be a really cool movie set.”

“Hope that isn’t a ‘gator over there,” pointed Tommy as he spied movement in the water.  “We don’t need that.”

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