The Monster of Jenkins County

At the bottom of the O’Brien hill, the boys found the remnants of a wood fort that they had built earlier in the summer.  Using pieces of lumber from the O’Brien garage plus an old window, a closet door and pieces from an old crib, the boys had nailed together a sorry looking structure that they called “Fort Apache”.  The fact that Apache Indians never lived in this area didn’t dawn on the boys when naming their fort.

A worn footpath started about 30 feet behind the fort and led into the belly of the woods.  The path snaked through a fairly open treed area before finally reaching the first of many small bogs in the woods.  The boys had already explored this area extensively so Jerry pushed for them to move on.  As the footpath ended, the boys started to make their way through a thicker treed area of the woods that no one had appeared to enter.  Animal sounds present all around them stopped as the passed through the area, giving the boys an eerie feeling that someone, or something, might be watching them.

“The zombies want to get you,” whispered Jerry as the boys looked around.   “They want your guts for dinner.”

“Stop being a jerk,” replied Tommy as he looked behind Jerry, just to make sure that nothing was lurking in the shadows.  “Are you always an idiot?”

“Me not as smart as you,” hissed McCutchen as he intentionally stepped on a dry stick in an effort to make a snapping sound.  “What, what was that???”

Tommy flinched and shuffled quickly away from the noise as Jerry laughed.  “Stop that.  I mean it.  You jerk.”

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