The Monster of Jenkins County

“Well, I think you’re scared.  Mandy told me that you nearly pissed in your pants when watching that horror movie last Saturday.”  Mandy Richards was a school mate of the two boys that Tommy secretly liked.  He had attended a birthday party at her house last weekend when the movie had been shown.  A “B grade” flick about zombies.  In truth, it had scared Tommy a little but he didn’t want anyone to know that.  Jerry hadn’t been there so why did he think Tommy was scared when watching the movie?

“Not true.  Wasn’t anything that scary in the movie.  Zombies aren’t real so leave me alone.”

“The ones in them woods are!” replied Jerry, pointing at the woods and speaking in a spooky voice right next to Tommy’s left ear.  “And they’ll eat your guts.”

“Stop being a jerk.  If you are so hot to go into the woods then let’s go.  I just don’t need you giving me a hard time about some girl.”

Jerry McCutchen laughed as he pulled Tommy along toward the woods.   The two had been friends since kindergarten and were always on adventures together.  Jerry was the pushy one, generally looking for some challenge for the two boys to do.  The woods behind the O’Brien home were the latest activity for them.

The Jenkins County woods were an undeveloped public land classified as “forever wild” by the county.  46 acres in all, the woods encompassed some treed bogs in an area that some called the Louisiana bayou.  The McCutchen and O’Brien parents had specifically told both boys to not travel into the woods out of concern that wild animals could be present.  But the boys had disobeyed their parent’s orders and had a thrill at seeing an alligator in one of the bogs.  What else lived there was anyone’s guess.  The boys were off again to see what they could find.

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