The Monster of Jenkins County

“Come on Tommy.  You’re such a slowpoke.”

11 year old Jerry McCutchen grabbed the arm of his friend Tommy O’Brien and pulled him toward the woods.  The two boys were standing in the backyard of the O’Brien house on a Saturday morning in mid-July.  The backyard was long, almost 60 yards in length, and ended at a small hill that dropped off into the Jenkins County woods in southern Louisiana.  The boys had explored the woods in the past and had enjoyed a number of youthful adventures while growing up in this rural community.  But for some reason, Tommy O’Brien seemed hesitant to go on another exploration of the woods.

“I don’t know Jerry.  Maybe not today.”

“What??  Come on.  You ain’t scared, are you?  Kind of worried that some monster might be in the bayou?”

“I ain’t scared,” replied Tommy.  “I turn 11 this Friday and I am plenty brave.  Just think maybe we should throw ball today instead of going down in the woods.”

Jerry McCutchen rubbed his right shoe in a bare spot in the grass, making a small hole while he thought.

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