The Lost Girl

The following day, while Sidney had fallen asleep watching daytime television, I took the doll from its rightful perch and marched it upstairs with me. In my bedroom, I took a damp cardboard box from the wardrobe and spilt the contents over the mattress of my bed.

Yellowed newspaper clippings and legal documents tumbled onto the sheets, curling at the edges like stale sandwiches. I searched through them, spreading each one out in search of a pattern.

Search for missing child continues

Local man suspected in child’s disappearance

Thirty Years On- The Mystery of the Lost Girl and the Doll she left behind

There were photos too, black and white snapshots of the two of us standing together in matching dresses. We were both smiling, innocent smiles. I remembered how we would play in the forests, treating the quarries and mines as though sections of our own private play area.

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