The Lost Girl

“What do you want to know, Diane?”

I felt my confidence failing. The sheer idiocy of the situation knocked me sick in the stomach, and I almost laughed with embarrassment. I almost stopped dead, but then I saw her face. The face that has always lived on in my memory, long after the death and decay of the original.  I paused for what seemed like endless time, before finally soldiering on.

“I think there might be something you’ve not told me. I think you may have been involved in her death.”

His eyes widened in what appeared to be genuine shock. Then, his face sunk back down. He didn’t answer my accusations, but rather directed a question back to me.

“Do you remember her, Diane? Do you really remember her?”

I was puzzled by the question. Rather than bringing him back to my point, I decided to answer.

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