The Lost Girl

“I know, but they never found her body, did they? You don’t think she….ran away?”

He turned, his wrinkled face taking an age to incline toward me. He raised his eyebrow slowly.

“Do you think she ran away?”

I averted his gaze. “Maybe…”

We both returned to watching the television. A myriad of colours were thrown onto the face of the doll, which became animated under the rapidly changing lights. We sat in silence for a few hours, and then I helped him into bed. I returned to the living room, and watched the doll. It seemed unusual to find the pieces falling into place so long after the jigsaw had been thrown away, but perhaps things had been overlooked or rushed at the time. Sidney had certainly been questioned by the police initially, but released due to lack of evidence.

Sitting alone with my thoughts, I quickly fell asleep and began to dream. I was walking through a forest, and everything had a sepia tinge. Uncle Sidney was calling to me from somewhere, but I only saw flashes of his face through the trees. I’m not sure whether he moved towards me or vice versa, but his white, wrinkled face was suddenly leering into my face behind a mask of branches and leaves.

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