The Lost Girl

by A J Madden

They’ve never found the body, but they found the doll.

They saw its porcelain head poking out from the dirt in the woods. Its left eye was gone and a worm had burrowed in the empty socket. They thought it might be the corpse at first, but soon realised it was only a doll. They pulled it up and sent it away to be examined.

She was used as evidence in the inquest, I believe. My mother could vividly remember a lawyer holding it in the courtroom, dangling her around for everyone to see. The poor thing looked so confused, very lost and far away from home. I swear once that I saw a desperate flicker of emotion in its remaining right eye, but of course that’s ridiculous. I was just a child, attaching meaning to things that weren’t there.

I don’t really know how the doll came to be with me. Bad luck, I suppose. After the trial, it was given back to the girl’s mother, who abhorred it and screamed that she wanted it out of her sight. The mother’s sister – my mother - said not to do that, and that she would give the doll a home until the mother saw fit to look at it.

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