The Last Hurrah of General Jackson

Manny threw himself on top of Rosita. The second officer aimed his gun at the General. “Put down the weapon.”

When the General ignored the order, the officer fired, striking the veteran in the heart. As he lay dying, the General called out to the officer. “Give the kid in the yard a decent funeral.”

Manny took a look at the fallen soldier. “Waste of life.”

The officer removed a two-way radio clipped to his shoulder. “Ten ten, one dead and another injured.”

A few minutes later, a team of paramedics burst in the door. While his partner gathered names, addresses, and phone numbers, the officer turned to Manny. “Sir, we need to check out what the old man said.”

Manny bit his lip and turned to one of his customers. “Will you take care of Rosita for me?”

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