The Last Hurrah of General Jackson

While sleeping off a hangover the next evening, the General heard Arturo and Carlotta arguing. When he crawled out to greet them, he noticed blood seeping out of a wound in the young man’s chest. “Go back to sleep,” Carlotta said. “I’ll handle things.”

The General went wild at the sight of blood. “I knew they’d return. We couldn’t hold them off forever.” He rummaged in his box. “I must radio for a medic. I can’t let my comrade die.”

Carlotta tried to ease Arturo’s pain. He pushed her away. “Get out of here before they kill you.”

She dug up the burlap bag and stuffed her pockets with jewelry, pressing a diamond and ruby pin into his hand. “Why’d you fight with Carlito? You know he’s better with a knife.”

Arturo coughed up blood. “Beat it before the cops arrest you.”

Carlotta kissed him on the lips. “I’ll find a way to get help to you.”

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