The Incident at Bella Vista

“Holy shit !!   Where did that come from?”

The giant sized spider moved toward the two men with menacing intent.  Haggerty and Edwards quickly moved behind the piano, seeking cover from the creature.  But the large spider continued to move in.

The two men ran from the piano to the opposite end of the room as the spider closed in.  In doing so, Jim Haggerty collided with the piano frame and knocked the lit candelabra onto the floor.  The dried out rug and adjacent curtain immediately burst into flames.  The fire seemed to distract the spider and this provided the opportunity the two men needed to flee the room.  Darting past the giant arachnid, the men rushed to the front hallway and out the main door of the house.  The arachnid’s size prevented the creature from following.  Soon it was engulfed in the rapidly spreading flames.

In a matter of minutes, the old Bellomi estate was consumed in the inferno.  What took more than a year to construct in 1867 was destroyed in less than one hour.  The men looked on in amazement.



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