The Incident at Bella Vista

Edwards was impressed as he took in the home’s ambiance from the central foyer.  Tall, vaulted ceilings gave the house a prestigious appearance and elegant oak trim railings accented a circular staircase.

Edwards tried not to show enthusiasm for the home out of concern that it could harm his bargaining position for the estate.  Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but say “beautiful accents” as he ran his hand over the smooth oak handrail on the staircase.

“Yes, it’s really one of a kind Mr. Edwards.”

Inside the living room of the house, Edwards found white bed sheets covering most of the furniture in the room.  He looked under the bed sheets when Haggerty said that all items in the house would be part of the purchase.  The period furniture could add to his marketing plans.  Yes, there was potential with this house.

The next room, the parlor of the house, was clearly the heart of this home.  Oak bookcases lined two of the walls of the room with classic books filling most of the available shelf area.  It was possible that some of these books could have real value to book collecting enthusiasts.  Edwards wondered if Jeromy Bellomi might have overlooked that fact.  A fireplace was featured on the south wall of the room with elegant stained glass windows from the 1800’s on each side of the hearth.  Pictures and mounted exhibits finished off the appearance of the room.

Edwards walked causally over to the wall which had multiple paintings and some glass exhibits.  He didn’t want to show enthusiasm as he continued to appraise the estate’s contents.

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