The Incident at Bella Vista

Edwards paused for a second before replying.  “No, I am in town from Atlanta.  On business.”

The old man laughed.  “On business in Kiantone?  What are you interested in?  Possibly buying the whole town?  It will cost you less than the cigarettes and beer you are buying…”

“Stop that Herman.”  An old lady came around from the back of the store counter and started to chastise the old man.  “No need to make fun of our town.”

Maude Appleton was Herman Appleton’s wife and partner in the “Big M Convenience Store”.  She was obviously defensive of her hometown.

“Not making fun of glorious Kiantone Maude.  Just stating the obvious.”

Maude grunted as she turned to Edwards.  “Ignore him.  He can be a real asshole at times.  So why are you in town Mr., Mr.….”

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