The Incident at Bella Vista

“Well, the house was built in 1868, shortly after the end of the Civil War.  Built by the Bellomi family who were owners of a grain mill in nearby Jamestown, NY.  Jamestown was at that time a large milling community in Western NY.  The Bellomi family wanted a quiet area to live, somewhere outside the hustle and bustle of Jamestown.  So they built this lovely estate in quiet Kiantone, NY, a home they eventually called ‘Bella Vista’ or ‘beautiful view’ as a celebration of their business success.”

The realtor was quite the talker.  Jim Haggerty fit the classic mold of a real estate agent.  Anxious to show off the good features of any house he was marketing.

The out of town buyer walked causally down the gravel driveway as he scanned the property.  Thomas Edwards was a skilled business man and deal maker.  The house was in need of work, a lot of work.  But the list price for the house was appealing and Edwards was convinced that he could get a further price concession when closing the deal.  But could he turn the house into a profitable bed and breakfast business?

“So why is the house vacant?”  An obvious question.

Haggerty cleared his throat before answering.  “Well, we just have not been able to find the right buyer so far.  Jeromy Bellomi, the 4th generational owner of the estate, runs a business in California and can no longer live here.  He is anxious to sell and I have been asked to move the process along.”

Edwards nodded.  A non-answer from Haggerty.  Was something else a factor in the house being vacant?  He wondered.

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