The Ice-Cream Man

“Oh, Bobby! Yes, of course it is.” He gave a friendly smile, which was half-heartedly reciprocated as Bobby took a seat next to the Ice Cream Man.

Bobby stared out the window blankly, thinking of nothing but his parents and getting to them, making sure they were okay. He would be found four days later in a remote field just outside of town, with signs of sodomy and strangulation evident on his body. The white discoloration in the head, caused by a length of rope tied tightly around the neck, reminded police officials of the moon which shone directly above them, with wide, glazed eyes that stared back at them and saw nothing.

And as Bobby was being taken by the Ice Cream Man, the air was permeated with the tantalizing smell of a barbecue or two around the neighborhood. Boys played pick-up baseball at the nearby recreational dugout. Girls played hopscotch and giggled at boys they fancied passing by on bicycles. Neighbors waved to each other as they passed on the chalk-laden sidewalks, and the trees were exuding the pleasant song of birds perched upon their branches. This was it. The perfect summer day.



Raymond McTiernan is a young writer from the U.S. looking for exposure in the horror genre. His style of writing focuses more on realistic horrors instead of typical monsters, ghosts and things that go "bump" in the night.

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