The Ice-Cream Man

Bobby’s parents had warned him about the danger of trusting strangers, but he had seen this man before, had even chatted with him a bit when buying ice cream. Perhaps this made him something more than a stranger (though not much more, admittedly), and perhaps the man had known his parents in some capacity. The important thing to Bobby was that his parents were in trouble and he wanted nothing more than to see them.

“Uh… okay, sir. But my bike-”

“Your bike will fit in the back of the truck, son. Just fine.”

He decided it would be best to obey him, lest they continue to waste time. The back doors of the truck opened as he walked the bike over to the back, and the man helped Bobby lift it into the truck, ushering him in afterward and shutting (locking) the doors behind him.

“You can sit up front with me, Billy.”

“It’s Bobby, sir.” He said timidly.

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