The Ice-Cream Man

Within minutes, the other kids, including Jimmy and the girl, had walked off down the street in a group, while Bobby remained where he was. If was not mistaken, so did the truck, although no one else was in the area to buy ice cream. After a minute or so, the group was just about out of sight and Bobby was just about to pedal away when a voice called out to him. “Hey! You, boy! On the bike,” the Ice Cream Man shouted over to him. As much as Bobby didn’t want to, he reluctantly dismounted his bike and walked it to the truck; he had always been taught to respect authority figures, and that must have included the Ice Cream Man. He was an adult, after all.

“You need to come with me immediately. Your… parents are… uh… hurt,” he was looking out the window and down the street, in the direction the other kids had left, and then down the other side.

“What?” Bobby replied lamely. The man’s words had hit him with a numb sort of shock, and it seemed to Bobby as if he had heard the man from the opposite end of a long tunnel.

“I said your parents wanted me to find you and take you to them. They’re in the hospital. Bobby’s the name, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Bobby answered on instinct.

“Right, of course. Anyway, I know your parents, and they were hurt in a car accident. They’ll probably be okay, but they want me to take you to them up at the hospital immediately.” The man was barely looking at Bobby as he said this, merely looking around for anybody passing by.

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