The Grove

What did I notice first? That the trees described a perfect circle, and I was at the center of it? That the moon I glimpsed through branches was full, but misty and wreathed with drifting clouds? Or was it the whispering?

I sat on dry grass and looked up and out from my circle at the world beyond, gradually realizing that the sounds I had been hearing for some time - wind in tree limbs, wind over grass, wind in the air above - had other sounds within, and those sounds, when I bothered to listen carefully, had sounds within them, like many instruments playing the same tune, except that the innermost voices of all were not making music but speaking. To me.

The voices were trying to tell me something, whispering, constant, insistent, sometimes urgent, they were trying to reach me, trying to teach me, to show me something, trying to make me understand something I had known for a very long time but had forgotten. What was it?

The blood in my ears pounded with the words the wind and trees were repeating until I could almost decipher them. I was afraid of their significance. The voices chattered in the rattle of the leaves overhead, in the groaning treetops they cried out and keened, in my heartbeat they chanted, all saying the same thing in different voices, and suddenly I realized there were figures in the shadows, looking at me.

I turned my head slowly.  The figures disappeared. I closed my eyes for a moment but they flew open as I heard my name, shouted, once, loud and quick and then there were more of them, beckoning to me to come to them in the shadows. The men were kind, the women were soft and moved gently, but I had come to this place for rest, to forget, I came to weep, I did not come to hear truth, to see other realms, I came to escape.

I heard myself shout “Leave me ALONE!”

Suddenly the grove was empty and quiet and still, and I was alone.

My hands trembled trying to zip my jacket, and my legs were weak as I climbed cautiously to my feet. I revolved slowly in the center of the clearing. Even if I could see no figures, they could still be behind me. I shivered violently, and took a step toward the darkness of the trees. I stopped. That was what they wanted me to do. They were trying to tempt me into the blackness, out of the moonlight. And then?

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