The Gift

The two Detectives from NYPD's Manhattan South Homicide Squad were doing the old "hurry up and wait" routine familiar to most members of the NYPD. The order came to show up FORTHWITH at 0800 hours, June 15th 1999. The two cops were awaiting the determination of another “high level” meeting.  This meeting was with the District Attorney of New York, New York County.

The Detectives were sitting on an old worn heavy mahogany bench.

The bench sat in the outside corridor of the suite of Executive offices.  Many a cop has set his ass on this exact bench for this same stupid purpose.

“He’s been in dere width dat guy and his fuckin’ lawyers for about two hours.” Detective First Grade Vinny “The Guinea” Mastoriellio softly said.

The Detectives were not invited to the meeting held in the inner sanctum of the offices occupied by the top law enforcement officer in New York City.  So what else is new? They expected such and knew when detailed outside as a resource.

The two might be summoned as small and superfluous utilitarian cog. Just needed to provide a smidgen of insignificant information. The District Attorney enjoyed having the NYPD at his beck and call. If not called, they’d wait there until dismissed.

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