The Giant of Hampton Bays

Thanks to local and national news reports, this is how everybody started referring to this ludicrously potent and brutal murderer.  He became known as the Giant.

As I drove up to the inn, I noticed that the crime scene tape was no longer neatly streamed around the house across the street. It was partially torn down.  dismissing it, I checked into the same room, unpacked all my belongings that the police had confiscated, and fell asleep. Waking up about nine o’clock in the evening, I ventured outside for some fresh air. After several minutes of enjoying the cool night breeze, I heard a crashing sound coming from Simeon’s house. Since a side window appeared open and relatively low, I decided to cross the street and go look inside.

I stood in front of the window, pushed away the curtain and peered into the house. What I saw made my legs quiver and dropped me to the ground. Managing a prostrate position, I struggled not to vomit.  It was Mitch! He had his massive hand over Dr. Vincent’s mouth and was whispering something into her ear. There were many stitches running around his head and he was wearing hospital scrubs. I got up, sprinted to the front of the house and side-kicked the door open. Unfortunately, Mitch was ready for me. The moment I entered, he hoisted me into the air and slammed me down on the hardwood floor. Now, flat on my back, I strained to catch my breath. Rolling my head to the right, I saw Dr. Vincent lying across from me.  She was bruised up but still breathing.

Mitch clapped his hands. “Bravo! That was a pretty big door you just kicked in.”

I slowly picked myself up off the floor. “Mitch, why are you hurting her? She only tried to help you.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I guess that’s true enough. But I never squelch on a deal.”

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