The Giant of Hampton Bays

“You don’t put your hands on a cop?” he yelled.

“My friend is about to die, can’t this creature show a little respect?” I shot back.

The officer looked confused.  “Respect? Don’t you know who this is?”

He then invited me to sit in the chair next to him so he could adequately explain who the guy was – the notorious Jacob Simeon.

Simeon’s story began twenty-seven years ago when he was being chased by three police officers after a significant drug purchase. As he was running through a series of backyards frantically throwing away all the pills he was carrying, one of the cops, Officer McNally, circled around in an attempt to cut him off.  He jumped in front of Simeon who responded by trying to punch him to death.  The other two officers, Manzo and Hardedge, arrived, pulled their weapons and ordered Simeon to stop.  He did cease for a moment and then lunged at Officer Hardedge, who was aiming a shotgun at him.  As the officer fired, Simeon moved his head slightly to the right, and the left side of his face was sprayed with the blast.  Because it was at such close range, a large portion of skin peeled away.  The rest of the shot went directly into the face of Officer McNally, killing him.  After months of surgery, Simeon went to prison for a long time.

When finally released, Simeon pursued a life of bar fights, DWI’s and burglaries. He continued in this manner until cirrhosis of the liver brought him down. Sensing he was almost through, Simeon decided to finally take revenge on the two remaining officers who had sent him a way for so many years. By this time, both men had retired from the force and were living quiet lives in Hampton Bays. Shortly after leaving the job, Manzo’s kidneys failed and he had to go for regular dialysis treatments at Southampton Hospital. Three times a week for five hours a day, Manzo had his blood pumped out of his body into a ;machine and back into his body again. One day Simeon walked into Manzo’s busy dialysis unit and sliced the hose used to carry Manzo’s blood out of the machine and back into his body.  As Manzo’s blood pumped out onto the floor, the nurses frantically tried to save him. Simeon stayed and watched him die before easily slinking away.

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